Sometimes You Gotta Take A Break

Do you ever find that life sometimes just gets the better of you?

I’ve found that. A LOT.

I think it’s called “Being Human”. Which sucks sometimes, but hey - That’s Life!

The past couple months have been like a shovel hitting me in the head.

And after a huge production of “Victor Victoria” I decided I needed a break.

My body was starting to get sick more often.

Which got me thinking…

How often do you take a break from what you do?

Do you feel guilty from doing that?

The break I decided to take way to say NO to all theatre shows for the rest of 2019.

And since that decision, I’ve been asked to be in 3-4 shows.

Crazy huh?!?!

But I’m sticking to my guns because I know what I need for me.

Sometimes having a Kit Kat is ok.

Besides… it’s chocolate.